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 Post subject: Gnocl now gets support for glade files
PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:38 pm 
Although I prefer hard coding my GTK+ UIs using the scripting capabilities of Gnocl -after all it is extremely easy- none the less, determined Glade users are perhaps more interested in getting rapid results on the coding side of things. The following test script demonstrates how, using the gnocl::glade commmand currently under development for Gnocl, a UI made in Glade can be loaded into a Tcl/Gnocl script and the resultant widgets manipulated as easily as their pure Gnocl counterparts. Here a simple layout of three buttons is accessed, the widgets modified, signal handlers set up, and new objects added to the main container.

# gladeXMLTest1.tcl
# William J Giddings
# 30-Nov-2009

# the next line restarts using tclsh \
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl

# load a simple glade file, containing three buttons in a horizontal row
# the variable glade1_widgets contains a list of all widgets created
# by loading this file, they will include the names given in the glade file itself
# along with the names assigned when registering these with Tcl
set glade1
set glade1_widgets [gnocl::glade new $glade1]

# for convenience sake, create a list of aliases for these new widgets
# we can use the glade widget names to do this, to make things manageable

foreach item $glade1_widgets {
foreach {gnocl glade} $item {}
set $glade $gnocl

# in the glade file the toplevel window is named window1
# lets resize, rename and centre it on screen

$window1 configure -title "Glade Test" -width 320 -height 200
$window1 centre ;# or 'center' if you wish

# we can now access the widget attributes as these are registered with gnocl!
$button1 configure -icon "%#New" -onClicked { puts "NEW! from %w" }
$button2 configure -icon "%#Open" -onClicked { puts "Open! from %w" }
$button3 configure -icon "%#Save" -onClicked { puts "Save! from %w" }

# as there needs to be a container for these widgets we can get its name with
set box [$window1 cget -child]

# and, of course, add new widgets too!
$box add [gnocl::toggleButton -text "CLICK ME!"]


And here are the results.



And after...


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