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 Post subject: How to access two GTK+ widgets from a single callback
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 9:14 pm 

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I hope the code below may be useful to some people.
This method works, but I am new to GTK+ myself so I am not sure whether this is the best solution, however, but I believe it is one of the better ones. I would be interested to know if someone has a better way of achieving this :-)
Other solutions would be to use globals or possibly structs.

What the function does:
It is a simple callback function that has been connected to the GladeXML file by the following line:
glade_xml_signal_connect(gxml, "on_execute_recording_button_clicked", G_CALLBACK(on_execute_recording_button_clicked));

where gxml is the main GladeXML file that was created using Glade-3.

Using glade_get_widget_tree() we can get hold of the GladeXML file inside the callback function without using globals. From there is it easy, we simply use the glade_xml_get_widget() function to get hold of the widgets we want. In my case this is a GtkProgessBar widget and a GtkTreeView widget. Both widgets are then passed to a get_data() function that manipulates them.

Here is my code:
* Function aquires a handle on the GtkProgressBar and the GtkTreeView widget
* then calls a function that works on both widgets.
void on_execute_recording_button_clicked  (GtkButton *button, GtkWidget *window, gpointer gptr)
   GladeXML *gxml;
   GtkWidget  *pbarWidget, *data_viewWidget;
   GtkProgressBar *pbar;
   GtkTreeView *data_view;

   gxml = glade_get_widget_tree(GTK_WIDGET(button));

   pbarWidget = glade_xml_get_widget (gxml, "record_progressbar");
   pbar =  GTK_PROGRESS_BAR(pbarWidget);

   data_viewWidget = glade_xml_get_widget (gxml, "data_view");
   data_view = GTK_TREE_VIEW(data_viewWidget);

   get_data(pbar, data_view);

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