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 Post subject: Buttons stealing signals :(
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:48 pm 
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I've got a gtktoolbar inside a gtkhandlebox, and the toolbar seems to be stealing my 'button-release-event' from my handlebox - ie, when I click a button on a part of a handlebox that the toolbar doesn't cover, it works, but when I click on the part that the toolbar does cover, it doesn't.

Any idea on how to make my handlebox take precedence over the buttons, or make the buttons to pass on the signals?

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:06 pm 
Never Seen the Sunlight

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This was also posted on Ubuntu Forums:

Okay, I did a little test and although not "easy", it works.

A GtkToolButton is derived from GtkToolItem which is derived from GtkContainer. Peaking at the source for GtkToolButton, I see that it simply packs a GtkButton into itself. So, if we can get that GtkButton then we could connect to that button's "button-press-event". A GtkToolButton does not give you direct access to it's child GtkButton, however, we can use GtkContainer's functions to do so.

You can:

1. Get each GtkToolButton using gtk_builder_get_object()
2. Get a GList containing the children using gtk_container_get_children()
3. Get the first child using g_list_first() (this will be a GtkButton)
4. Connect to the button-press-event of that GtkButton.
5. In your handler, if it's a right click do what you gotta do and return TRUE. Otherwise return FALSE to let the normal handlers run.

This is a bit tedious, however, you can use the same function to handle the "button-press-event" for every button and you could write a loop using gtk_toolbar_get_n_items() and gtk_toolbar_get_nth_item() rather than calling gtk_builder_get_object() on every GtkToolButton.

You may want to run this idea through the gtk-app-devel mailing list to get some feedback from those guys' as I've never had to do this. I would also put some checks to make sure that the child widget you get using gtk_container_get_child is in fact a GtkButton (GTK_IS_BUTTON()).

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