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 Post subject: *** READ BEFORE POSTING ***
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:41 pm 
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******** REQUIRED ********
  1. Place code longer than 1 or 2 lines inside code tags.
    1. Click on the button marked "Code"
    2. Code tags will be inserted before and after the cursor.
    3. Paste your code.

  2. No line numbers in code.
    1. Line numbers will not compile. Anyone trying your code must remove them first, which is time consuming. They may not bother taking the time to do this. If you are copying code from another web site, most sites have several ways to get the code without line numbers. Either a button to show or hide line numbers, a button marked "raw" which will give the code without line numbers or a button which will copy the code to your clipboard without line numbers. If these features are not available, you must edit out the line numbers yourself before posting the code here.

  3. No instant messaging style language.
    1. Do not use IM, SMS, (instant messaging, Short Message Service). For example: AFAIKAs (Far As I Know), Altho (Although).

  4. Do not shout at someone unless responding with praise or enthusiasm.
    1. "Shouting" is when you use exclamation marks in your post. This is the equivalent of shouting at someone in person. It's considered rude and aggressive behaviour. It is subject to removal by an administrator. You may also receive a warning or be banned from the site in extreme and repeated instances.

  1. Post any compiler errors and/or warnings.
    1. A message saying "and when I compile... boom, it doesn't work" is not useful information for others to help solve your problem.
    2. Click on the button marked "Quote"
    3. Quote tags will be inserted before and after the cursor.
    4. Paste any complier errors and/or warnings.

  2. List the version and revision of GTK+ your using. I.E. GTK+-2.24 , GTK+-3.4.4
    1. There are significant differences between GTK+2 and GTK+3. Many functions that work in GTK+2 are no longer used with GTK+3. Some newer versions of GTK+3 have functions which have just been introduced and aren't in earlier versions of GTK+3. You are more likely to get a quick response that works for you by doing this. This also saves from wasted posts and confusion.
    2. To get your gtk version using the terminal in Linux type: pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0 or pkg-config --modversion gtk+-3.0

  3. List your operating system and version.
    1. List whether you are using Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS, ect. and the revision, I.E. Ubuntu Natty, Ubuntu Precise, Windows XP, Windows 7. There can be differences in the way things are done in GTK, especially for Windows.

  4. List your programming language.
    1. List whether you are using C, C++, etc. If you are using Python give the version i.e. Python 2.7, Python 3.2

  5. Declare like items together. Either all items on the same line or groups on the same line. No one wants to read 2 pages of just pointers. They may not bother reading past the 2 pages to answer your question.
    1. For instance, if you have a list of 10 pointers to GtkWidget do this:
      GtkWidget *window, *grid, *button1, *button2, *label1, *label1, *entry1, *enrty2; *spin1, *spin2;

  6. Remove excessive white space.
    1. Only 1-3 empty lines between lines of code. This also makes your code more readable and more likely to get a quick response.

  7. Avoid excessively long code lines.
    1. The maximum line width for source files is 80 characters, whenever possible.
      Longer lines are usually an indication that you either need a function or a pre-processor macro. This is in keeping with the official preferred coding style to be used for the GTK+ source code.

  8. Do not "Top Post"
    1. A "Top Post" is when you edit your original message after someone has already responded to it. This can create confusion. Except in cases where your original post contains very long code, don't edit your original message once someone has responded to it. List only the changes you have made. Possibly adding something extra to draw attention to the fact that you have changed the code, such as red lettering. Once you are sure you are done with the code and all problems, modifications and additions are working you can re-post the full code. This is especially useful to others if the post is very long and had multiple people responding with many changes.

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