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 Post subject: How should I get started?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:20 am 

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I'm new so i'd like to say hello to everybody.

First of all, I have to make an apology because of my poor English.

I'm quite new into programming. Now, after finishing "C primer plus" I was forced into quick migration to C++, which was prefered on my university(I am electronics student). I'm finishing "Thinking in C++" and, unfortunetly, I'm going to be forced again to learn some GUI.

So basically I just have to choose one of popular GUI's and make some projects using it. First of all I thought about GTK, which is basic GUI library using by GNOME, XFCE, LXDE.
I would like to ask you if GTK is a good choice for someone quite new into programming and for someone who is/will be into electronics. I mean - I would like to use same tools (I mean programming language, libs) when I'm writing programs for PC and for some ARM based computers (I'm not thinking about Android, but supporting them would be really nice I think). So I need cross-platform(but as far as I know GTK is working on windows perfectly) GUI which will be working with C, C++ and Python(I would like to start learning it in this year) using ARM and X86 cpu.

Also I would be really thankful if you can give adress to some complete tutorial for GTK3. On GTK site I can find only GTK2 tutorials. But maybe it makes no difference?

Thanks for your help and your forbearance :).

Oh - when I was talking about ARM based computers I meant sth like Raspberry Pi - computer based on "standard" linux distribution.

It will be also nice feature if I would be able to use GTK from D-language.

 Post subject: Re: How should I get started?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:29 pm 
Never Seen the Sunlight

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Much as I might hate myself for feeling like selling out in saying this, I think that learning qt may be your better option.
#1. qt's native language is c++, GTK is c. As c++ seems to be more your thing you'll find yourself more comfortable with qt (there is GTK c++ bindings but nothing beats having native support).
#2 qt's cross platform support is more what you're after, whereas GTK could be a bit fiddly. qt supports mobile devices (Android etc.) without an x11 server.
#3 more employers are after qt developers.
Both support D as a binding.
Having said that there may be other factors which would make GTK your preferred choice. I've got a raspberry pi as well and have packaged some gtk apps for it already. I went for gtk as c is more my thing and I more go for the GNOME desktop being the norm for the debian based distros. Most of the distros you find for the r-pi are traditionally more GNOME based (debian, fedora). If you are doing anything low-level (many people who get a r-pi use it for robotics or other electronic projects) then you will probably end up doing a bit of c programming for device drivers.
No complete tutorial for GTK3 exists. The GTK2 tutorials are still useful, just check the documentation to see what things are depreciated. The tutorials on the official website were of a late enough version of GTK2 that there isn't much different.

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