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 Post subject: Text Editor created using Gnocl, the Tcl/Gtk Bindings
PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:45 am 
Hi there.

Here's a version of the ubiquitous text editor created in Gnocl. For many newcomer to scripting, Tcl/Tk may not be the 'coolest' dynamic language on the block, but its surely is one of the most mature! Unlike other bindings, Gnocl doesn't try to 'wrap' library functions, but offers powerful, easy to use commands to access widget functionality.

Get your copy of Gnocl from Sourceforge.

William J Giddings
Gnocl Maintainer


# GnoclEdit.tcl
# Simple, plain text editor using gnocl Tcl-Gtk bindings
# Created by William J Giddings
# 29-October-2007

# the next line restarts using tclsh \
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl

# array to contain some global variables
set GE(text) "" ;# name of editor widget
set GE(status) "" ;# name of status bar widget
set GE(filename) "untitled" ;# filename
set GE(basefont) "Courier" ;# besefont for text display
set GE(fontsize) "12" ;# default font size in pixels

# array to contain tooltip strings
set TT(new) "Clear workspace and begin a new document."
set TT(open) "Clear existing workspace and open an existing file for editing."
set TT(save) "Save the current, named file to disk."
set TT(saveas) "Save an untitled file to disk or save a copy with a new name."
set TT(quit) "Discard current document and close the GnoclEdit program."
set TT(print) "Print the contents of the edit buffer."
set TT(cut) "Cut the active selection to the clipboard."
set TT(copy) "Copy the active selection to the clipboard."
set TT(paste) "Paste the current clipboard into the insertion point or replace selection."
set TT(delete) "Delete the current selection from the document."
set TT(selall) "Select all text within the current document."

# build the application user interface
proc main {} {
# Step 1) create menus
# a) file
set menu [gnocl::menu]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#New" -tooltip $::TT(new) \
-onClicked fileNew]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Open" -tooltip $::TT(open) \
-onClicked fileOpen]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Save" -tooltip $::TT(save) \
-onClicked fileSave]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#SaveAs" -tooltip $::TT(saveas) \
-onClicked fileSaveAs]
$menu add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Print" -tooltip $::TT(print) \
-onClicked print]
$menu add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Quit" -tooltip $::TT(quit) \
-onClicked exit ]

set file [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__File" -submenu $menu]

# b) edit
set edit [gnocl::menu]
$edit add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Cut" -tooltip $::TT(cut) \
-onClicked cut ]
$edit add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Copy" -tooltip $::TT(copy) \
-onClicked copy ]
$edit add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Paste" -tooltip $::TT(paste) \
-onClicked paste ]
$edit add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$edit add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Delete" -tooltip $::TT(delete) \
-onClicked delete ]
$edit add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$edit add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%_Select _All" -tooltip $::TT(delete) \
-onClicked selectAll -accelerator "<Ctrl>A" ]

set edit [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__Edit" -submenu $edit]

# c) about
set menu [gnocl::menu]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__About" \
-tooltip "Show about dialog" \
-onClicked about ]
set help [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__Help" -submenu $menu]

# Step 2) create toolbar
set toolBar [gnocl::toolBar -style both]
$toolBar add item -text "%#New" -tooltip $::TT(new) \
-onClicked fileNew
$toolBar add item -text "%#Open" -tooltip $::TT(open) \
-onClicked fileOpen
$toolBar add item -text "%#Save" -tooltip $::TT(save) \
-onClicked fileSave
$toolBar add space
$toolBar add item -text "%#Print" -tooltip $::TT(print) \
-onClicked print
$toolBar add space
$toolBar add item -text "%#Cut" -tooltip $::TT(cut) \
-onClicked cut
$toolBar add item -text "%#Copy" -tooltip $::TT(copy) \
-onClicked copy
$toolBar add item -text "%#Paste" -tooltip $::TT(paste) \
-onClicked paste

# Step 3) create text edit area, and default formatting tag
# No need to add scrollbars or input popumenu, these will be added automatically
set text [gnocl::text \
-onButtonPress {
puts %b
if {%b == "3" } { textPopup } \
$text tag create default -fontFamily $::GE(basefont) -fontSize $::GE(fontsize)

# Step 4) create status bar
set status [gnocl::statusBar]

# Step 5) create Container and toplevel window, add containter to window
set box [gnocl::box -orientation vertical -borderWidth 0 -spacing 0]
set win [gnocl::window -child $box -title "GnoclEdit" -onDelete exit]

# Step 6) add elements to the container
$box add [gnocl::menuBar -children [list $file $edit $help]]
$box add $toolBar
$box add $text -fill {1 1} -expand 1
$box add $status

# Step 7) update globals
set ::GE(text) $text
set ::GE(status) $status

# Step 8) default status
$::GE(status) push "File: $::GE(filename)"

# enter the main input loop

# update the status bar, remind us of the filename!
proc statusUpdate {str} { $::GE(status) push "File: $str" }

# file menu procs, they speak for themselves
proc fileNew {} {
$::GE(text) erase {0 0} end
set ::GE(filename) "untitled"
statusUpdate "untitled"

proc fileOpen {} {
set file [gnocl::fileChooser \
-action open \
-title "Please choose a file to edit.."]

if { $file != "" } {
set fp [open $file "r"]
set data [read $fp]
close $fp
$::GE(text) erase {0 0} end
$::GE(text) insert end $data -tags default
statusUpdate $file
set ::GE(filename) $file

proc fileSaveAs {} {
set file [gnocl::fileChooser \
-action save \
-title "Please choose a file to save.."]

if { $file != "" } {
set fp [open $file "w"]
set data [$::GE(text) get {0 0} end-1]
puts $fp $data
close $fp
statusUpdate $file
set ::GE(filename) $file

proc fileSave {} {

if {$::GE(filename) != "untitled" } {
set fp [open $::GE(filename) "w"]
set data [$::GE(text) get {0 0} end-1]
puts $fp $data
close $fp
} else {


proc print {} {
set fp [open __print.tmp__ "w"]
set data [$::GE(text) get {0 0} end-1]
puts $fp $data
close $fp
exec lpr __print.tmp__ &

# Basically rebuilds the menubar submenu
proc textPopup {} {
# make text popup menu
set editPopup [gnocl::menu -tearoff 0]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Cut" -tooltip $::TT(cut) \
-onClicked cut ]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Copy" -tooltip $::TT(copy) \
-onClicked copy ]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Paste" -tooltip $::TT(paste) \
-onClicked paste ]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Delete" -tooltip $::TT(delete) \
-onClicked delete ]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$editPopup add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%_Select _All" -tooltip $::TT(delete) \
-onClicked selectAll -accelerator "<Ctrl>A" ]
$editPopup popup

# clipboard operations
proc cut {} {
gnocl::clipboard clear
gnocl::clipboard setText [$::GE(text) get selectionStart selectionEnd ]
$::GE(text) erase selectionStart selectionEnd

proc paste {} {
$::GE(text) erase selectionStart selectionEnd
$::GE(text) insert cursor [gnocl::clipboard getText] -tags default

proc copy {} { gnocl::clipboard setText [$::GE(text) get selectionStart selectionEnd ] }

proc delete {} { $::GE(text) erase selectionStart selectionEnd }

proc selectAll {} { $::GE(text) select {0 0} end-1 }

# about box
proc about {} { gnocl::dialog -type info -text "GnoclEdit by\nWilliam J Giddings\n29-Oct-2007" }


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